Frequently Asked Questions

The California Human Rights Amendment recognizes human rights for every Californian from the BEGINNING OF BIOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT. 

The term conception has conflicting definitions.  Sometimes it is a reference to fertilization, but most of the time is a reference to implantation as redefined by ACOG in 1965.  “Fertilization” as the moment of joining of oocyte and sperm is accurate, but not sufficient for humans are now artificially created asexually with no instance of implantation.  Human embryology experts recognize that the life of each human being begins at his or her biological beginning.

Abortion is not an “issue.” Abortion is a direct assault on human rights.

Abortion is a violation of a fundamental right, not an issue like high gas prices.  High gas prices are not on the same level as the death of a defenceless person. Abortion is a national tragedy, a shame, and a genocide.

Every human being deserves to be protected by our Constitution.

We advocate for the protection of human beings.  This amendment addresses when “a distinct human being’s life begins to exist” instead of when “human life begins” as we are seeking to grant rights to individual persons, as opposed to the absurd allegation that we are seeking rights for “human cells,” such as skin cells or human umbilical cord blood.  These do not become persons.

Q – “But this will give the same rights as you and I to a fertilized egg.”

A – “Fertilized egg” is a medically inaccurate term. There is no such thing as a “fertilized egg.”  There are “embryonic human beings.”

Eggs, properly referred to as oocytes (chickens lay eggs, human beings don’t), are fertilized with sperm and by this act, a new, unique person is created and an oocyte no longer exists.  An embryo is no more a blob of cells than an adult human being is a blob of cells – both are unique individuals of the human species, with complete unique individual DNA.

Q – “Will this Amendment make abortion illegal?

A – This is about GRANTING human rights, fulfilling the 14th Amendment of the United States and fulfilling the mandate of the civil rights movement. We want to end the dehumanization of whole classes of human beings –we must recognize human rights for the most vulnerable and yes, that means preborn human beings.

Q – “Is this about banning abortion and contraception?”

The amendment itself will not automatically ban anything, but it will affect the legal debate of abortion, the value of human life created in laboratories, and the protection of the handicapped, elderly and infirm.

Q – “Beginning of biological development? Doesn’t that mean unfertilized eggs and sperm will enjoy the same rights as you and I?” 

A – Absolutely not – A sperm is not a human organism, an oocyte is not a human organism.